Storkos (complete)


Egg delivery

"Your piñatas have made an egg! After piñatas have done the romance dance, a new baby piñata is brought to the garden, safely packed in a patterned egg."

"Worry no more your new egg has been delivered safely. Another successful mission for Storkos, the people's Champion!"

Piñata hatching

"See how your garden population increases? A baby piñata had hatched from an egg to join your piñata ranks."

No house

"Oh no! This egg was due to be delivered to that house! You better provide somewhere else for me to deliver it to, or else I'll take it home and make myself a nice omelet!"

"Sometimes even the forces for good are thwarted. I cannot deliver an egg if there isn't a house for it to go to. I'll take this egg back to the Egg Cave, put some bread under the grill and settle down for a scrambled supper." (Note: In the text, they missed the word "to" in "house for it to")

P Factor


"My ability to fly came from an experiment where I tried to teleport myself to the other Piñata Island regions through a series of matter transportation pods I had devised. Little did I know a Taffly got into another of the pods..."


"Buzzzt. Cough! Oh sorry, I meant 'which of these lovely Piñatas should I choose?'"

"How am I going to 'sortie' the winner out of this lot."

Neutral vote

"A little work on aerodynamics might help this Piñata streak into the lead. A Juno Helmet accessory might do the trick?"

"Unfortunately, this Piñata isn't quite the high flyer as the winner. Maybe some Kameo Wings might help it up a rung or two?"

Bad vote

"This little Piñata doesn't quite reach the heady heights of victory. More likely to be left in the hangar I dare say!"

"This Piñata is more of a Wright Brothers aeroplane than a fighter jet methinks..."

Good vote

"Well blow me down if this Piñata doesn't lift me up. My spirits that is. Lift up my spirits? Oh, never mind..."

"Soaring into the victory spot goes this divine example of a Piñata. Come on let me see ya shake yo tail feather!"


Minigame menu

"I'm not the People's Champion for nothing, you know!"