Seedos (complete)



"Hello, I'm Seedos. Take a seed. And don't hit me with your spade."


"I collect lots of different seeds in my pack, but bad seeds go into my red pouch."

"If you tuck a seed in a hole, it makes it happy."

"The bad seeds plant themselves quickly. They're tricky ones. "

"Sometimes Piñatas prefer eating seeds to the plant they grow!"


"When my mask gets broken I fix it with flour and water paste."

"Seedos has a family but they aren't as reliable as seeds."

"All the seeds are mine, but I'm kind so other people can borrow them."

"Seeds are a gardeners best friend, and I am the seeds' best friend."

"My seeds say that I shouldn't talk to you."

"If I were a little seedy, the soil would give me all I needy, my water, warmth and feedy, yes indeedy!"

"I don't think you want to talk to me, you just want one of my seeds."

"There is nothing more valuable than a seed."

"I've heard that you can eat some seeds. I would have to be very hungry before I'd touch even one of my collection. "

"If you like seeds smile... I don't think you're trying hard enough. "

"I can't choose a favourite seed, they are all special to me."

"I had a dream where all the shovels broke and I slept on a bed made of lots of seeds."

"Did you know the coconut is a seed? My head is almost as hard as a coconut!"

"Seeds are very important, or there would be no plants and then the piñatas wouldn't have anything to eat."

"You have to be a very special person to look after seeds."

"I'll swap you a seed for ten chocolate coins… Ha Ha, I'm just tricking you!"

"I can identify every kind of seed, with my eyes closed, just by touching them with my nose"


First hit

"Ouch! When you hit me seeds fall out of my pack and my mask breaks. I have to stay out of the garden until I have fixed it. If you take my seeds by hitting me I'm going to get some angry weed seeds and throw them in your garden. You'll soon find out why you should treat the seeds and me with respect!"


"There's nothing you can do to make me give up my seeds!" (TiP only?)

"I can run very fast. You can't hit me more than five times!"

"When you hit me you make the seeds angry. Angry seeds will punish you!"

"You're stirring up a seed storm! I'm warning you!"

"If you are bad to me I'll put bad seeds in your garden!"

"You're a bully and seeds never like bullies!"

"I won't forget this, the seeds and I will teach you a lesson!"

"You must like weed seeds in your garden, because that's what you're going to get!"

"As soon as I mend my mask you are in serious seedy trouble!" (TiP only?)

P Factor


"Hello. I'm Seedos. I've travelled far and wide looking for new types of seeds, but I wonder if any of these Piñatas have travelled even further than me?"


"Maybe comparing Piñatas is just like comparing seeds? First I'll check their coat, then their density..."

"My mind is made up! But then maybe... Oh no! I appear to have sown the seeds of doubt within myself!"

Neutral vote

"I see a fair number of pinometers travelled on this Piñata's little round feet. But what is this? A squashed seed between the nonexistent toes? Nooooo!"

"A couple more pinometers on the clock and this Piñata will be run in enough to win."

Bad vote

"A dormant Piñata is as bad as a dormant seed in my book!"

"A couch potato such as this Piñata just does not have the right attributes for me I'm afraid. Maybe if I collected dust and not seeds things may have been different."

Good vote

"You have raised a winning Piñata here. Do you mind if I ask what type of seed you got this one out of?"

"The hardened cardboard features suggest that this contestant has traversed many a pinometer in its life. Not much of a compliment you say? How does being the winner compensate!?"


Minigame menu

"I'm ex-seed-ingly good at all forms of competition!"