(Note: not in chronological order)


"After the amount of time you have invested you can call yourself an Experienced Gardener."

"Now we are on the same level. I was known as a Legendary Gardener and from now on so will you."

"Now you are a Master Gardener you are an important person on Piñata Island. Make sure you behave like one."

"You have a no-nonsense technique and enough expertise to be called a Professional Gardener."

Shovel upgrade

"At last you have a shovel worthy of a real gardener. There isn't much you can't do with this now! See the jagged edge on this shovel? That's so you can cut down any tree that you don't need anymore."

"I'm going to give you a helping hand. I like the way you keep trying even though you don't have the natural talent that I did. Your shovel is even stronger now. I hope you've learned how to use it properly, or you could end up breaking something important."

"Well done, you've reached the stage I got to on my third day in the garden. This makes your shovel stronger, so you should be able to deal with some of the more awkward things in your garden."

"Alright, now we can start for real. I never needed help when I used to run this garden. This shovel gives you the ability to dig deep holes, deep enough for water to gather in."

Tower of sour

"Congratulations! You have been awarded the first peice of the Tower of Sour! You won this award for turning a sour pest into one of your residents. The Tower of Sour has many pieces and you will receive a new piece every time you turn a new sour pest into a resident. You may turn these pieces off and on by putting the cursor on the Tower and pressing A to use it." (TiP only)

"What an amazing artefact. Few people ever see a sour Limeoceros Tower piece, let alone add one to their Tower of Sour!" (TiP only)

"This carving of a sour Lemmoning has the power to prevent them from just wandering into the garden." (TiP only)

"The Crowla piece of your Tower of Sour is ready to protect your garden from any more sour Crowla visits."

"Let's add the Profitamole piece to the Tower of Sour, and we can make sure that you won't be bothered by sour Profitamoles again.


"I see you've caught a sand critter - might be just the right time to give you this sand packet. It works just like the grass packets (and you can find it in the same place on the menu), so it should be no problem for you to use." (TiP only)

Let's make things a bit more interesting. Your garden will get a bit bigger so you can flex those gardening muscles."

"Congratulations - you've unlocked the Trick Stick! Use it to train Piñatas to entertain you with amazing feats. Press Y to find out the details. My tip is to feed a Sparrowmint with a daisy seed. While it's performing, tap it with the Trick Stick to teach it the trick. Now you won't need to waste any more daisy seeds." (TiP only)

"Want to try your hand at hard landscaping, eh? Here's a tip: Hold down the X button, and you can adjust the size of the affected area by moving the Left Stick left and right. If you dig a larger area, you will get a deeper pond - perfect for all those water-loving Piñatas!" (TiP only)

"I guess you'd like to be able to put down some snow about now? Here's the snow packet, so you can make your garden comfortable for those Piñarctic animals." (TiP)

P Factor


"Many, many years ago, I had the finest garden on Piñata Island, and I wonder if any of these here Piñatas are old enough to have visited my famous horticultural paradise?"


"Now then, I have my reading glasses, my driving, my gardening glasses... where are my judging glasses?!"

"I've seen it all in my time. These Piñatas will have to pull out all the stops to impress me!"

Neutral vote

"Middle age means middle ground to me. Not young enough to get under my feet, and not old enough to remember when chocolate coins were made of turnips!"

"Are you being cheeky?! Back in my day, we used to respect our elders..."

Bad vote

"In all my years of Piñata wrangling I've never seen a Piñata as, how should i put this, wonky as this one!"

"Youngsters nowadays want everything without having to work for it, but a winning vote from me is one thing they won't get! Humbug."

Good vote

"It's great to see an old timer like this still has it after all this time!"

"Archaeologists covet old fossils for their ability to open a window into the past. This old fossil on the other hand could just tell you!"


Minigame menu

"I was winning competitions before you were born."