Dastardos (complete)


After smashing a sick piñata

"I've broken open a precious little piñata. Easy come, easy go, heh heh heh..."

P Factor


"Oh my, oh my, fresh candy! Now, which of these have I not seen before? Even I get sick of hypochondriac Piñatas tempting me over and over again."


"Before I became a professional dastardly deeds doer I dreamt of breeding show-winning Piñatas myself, but my career advisor said I didn't have the right temperament for it..."

"Bright eyes, vibrant colouring and a jaunty posture. Just some of the traits of a healthy piñata. I'll soon whup that out of them..."

Neutral Vote

"Hmm. Have I seen this Piñata before? I think I remember that gaunt complexion, but it's too average to really know for sure."

"Feeling a little off colour are we? You'd better tuck yourself up with a hot Lemmoning drink."

Bad vote

"Cripes! Here, take this sick note. I'll gladly leave this Piñata alone - it's so ugly!"

"Hello, anyone there? I don't think this contestants with us anymore."

Good vote

"The next time this Piñata is due some sick leave, I'll be sure to pay them a visit so they don't get lonely..."

"Wow, what a specimen! This Piñata is in the peak of health."


Minigame menu

"My Vulchurro will be circling for sweet prizes. Heh heh!"