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So you want to know more about ME, do you?

"Who the hell are you?"

Hey there! The name's Moodle (they/them) and i'm a UK based art student and Certified Little Guy(tm)

Mostly I do character design, character illustration and (try to) draw comics, but I also like dabbling in animation and recently I've even been poking around in gamedev... and of course html and web design with this site!!!

I'm generally very friendly and happy to chat!!! but I don't tolerate bullshit or drama, and I DO bite (watch out)

"What the hell is this place?"

I bounce around a lot from project to project and idea to idea a lot (it's the ADHDtm) and I'm making this site as an attempt to keep everything in one place and semi-organised!!

It's also just a fun project to work on itself (yet more evidence of me bouncing around lmao)

"What will we find here?"

This site is still very much a WiP and it's going to take me a while to get everything up, but here's some of the things I want to share here in the future!

  • Art and extras for my wip webcomic Turned Yesterday
  • Stuff for my other original projects
  • A compilation of my Viva Pinata content
  • Sonic the Hedgehog story ideas and fanart
  • My Warrior Cats AU and OCs
  • My TTRPG Characters
  • Other bits of art and ideas for my many other interests

Plus whatever else I feel like adding!


Here's some other places you can find me out on the internet! (mostly tumblr lmao)

I've tried Instagram, Twitter and Deviantart, but never really stuck with any of them. Probably the best way to contact me right now is to drop a message on my art blog :)

'FUCK GENDER' blinkie 'i gaze at stars' blinkie 'sleepy lil guy' blinkie 'i bite' blinkie