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Welcome to my little piece of the void!

Hey there! My name's Moodle, and this here is my own little piece of the limitless void which i've decided to make my home!! Feel free to look around, have some snacks (though you'll probably only find dark chocolate and blood bags in my fridge... ), and enjoy the scenery!

There's not much out here yet, but you can see my future plans for this space over in the About section! Thanks for stopping by :)



small edit, just removing one of the site buttons cause i don't actually like how it turned out lmao


Just some small cosmetic updates!

  • Finally got around to making the headers for the Fan Stuff and Other pages
  • Made myself some simple lil animated site buttons :)
  • Gave each page different buttons in the footer
  • Some of them go places! Have fun clicking around
  • Made my own subtle colour edit of the blood divider


  • Updated the other page with the new layout!
  • Also removed all content from it for now


  • I am once again up past my bedtime updating layouts, this time for my fanstuff page
  • Also changed this one quite a bit!

Only the Other page left to go...


  • Added a test page to test out the new layout!
  • Updated home page with new layout!
  • About page is updated now too!!! Ahh!!!!!!

More layout updates to the other pages coming soon :)

It's now the next day (still the same date cause the above updates were after midnight) And a couple more updates!

  • Updated the projects page with the new layout and extra stuff!
  • Made myself a very quick little site button. It's basic for now but it exists!!

Guestbook Coming Soon!

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